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Paul Bourdon - From fraudster to Hero

🎙 Welcome to the opening of The Laundromat, the podcast dedicated to compliance professionals 🎙

In each episode, we will welcome a different guest and discover his background, missions, craziest stories and much more! 🔍

Today, we receive Paul Bourdon, one of my dearest friends, but also a self-taught repentant expert fraudster who became over the years a reference in the fight against fraud. 🛡

He’s currently lead product at Hero, a booming B2B BNPL start-up that raised 8 millions euros just 6 months ago and already onboarded more than 200 merchants! 🚀

In this interview with no filter, you will get to know:

📌 How Paul got a well paying job at 20 with only 1 year of 42 (coding school) 💸

📌 His early fraudster days with Amazon, Paypal, fake bills,... scams

📌 What makes a good fraudster and the worst one he ever caught (spoiler : the poor guy cried.. 😢)

📌 His take on the perfect fraud at the moment 🤫




p/o Virginie Gastine Menou




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