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DarkWeb Analysis 2022

Today more than ever, the Dark Web is a parallel world on the internet, operating under the premise of greater anonymity and a libertarian philosophy in terms of rules.

Obviously, you cannot access the dark web via a simple Google search. You need to use a special
browser called TOR, where communication is encrypted and each node in the network only knows
the previous and the next ones and no others. The structure of the Tor network requires that the IP addresses of Tor relays be public: this, facilitates blocking by governments, which blacklist the IP addresses of these public Tor nodes. Therefore, many users connect through Bridges: these are nodes not listed in the public list as part of the Tor network.

With all this in mind, the Swascan SOC analysed trends, product prices and payment methods used.
The analysis draws conclusions about user behaviour in the dark web markets and the potential of
these markets in the future. In particular, data were collected, through specific OSINT & CLOSINT
investigations, on the top five best-selling substances and services on the dark web in 2022:

  1. Hacking tools
  2. Drugs
  3. Carding
  4. Identity leaks and credential access
  5. Weapons


p/o Virginie Gastine Menou




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