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The State of Financial Crime 2023

From economic volatility to the war in Ukraine, 2023 will be a complex year for compliance professionals. Our report combines a state-of-the-industry survey with the latest subject matter expertise to offer a roadmap for the year ahead.

Four top financial crime trends for 2023

  1. Financial crime is set to soar as economies falter. 59 percent of firms expect crime levels to rise, with 58 percent planning to hire more staff. A faltering economy could increase levels of risk-taking behavior. 

  2. Fraud and scams continue to evolve. Tax and investment fraud are top concerns for compliance teams, with the temptation for criminals to offer bogus “get rich quick” schemes rising as the economy worsens.

  3. Environmental crime surges. Environmental crime was the second highest typology of concern for firms when submitting suspicious activity reports (SARs).

  4. Crowdfunding fuels political extremism. 87 percent of compliance teams told us they’d seen an increase in the use of crowdfunding platforms to support political extremism over the last 12 months.

Our report analyzes of the topics compliance teams will encounter in 2023 and how they can prepare effectively.

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