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eBook: Annulment of Privacy Shield – What Comes Next?

This eBook is a collection of key stories published by MLex in recent weeks, making sense of the Annulment of the Privacy Shield - the EU-US data-transfer framework, that instantly threw into doubt the operations of more than 5,000 US companies. Highlighting the areas of greatest regulatory risk for businesses and looking ahead to spot emerging fixes, this eBook is split into three thematic sections to reflect the multiple moving parts of the topic: The EU court’s decision and immediate effects on Facebook and other companies; The scramble by the US and eU to work out what to do about replacing the binned agreement and making SCCs more robust; The concerns and responses by other affected countries around the world — including the UK, Japan and Australia. Download this free eBook by MLex to understand the new ruling and ensure your organisation's operations are compliant. Download : Virginie Gastine Menou RISQUES ET VOUS

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